About Sinead McCarthy


Sinead is a mother, musician, writer, doula and advocate for undisturbed birth/pregnancy, as well as unassisted childbirth or “free-birth”.  Her curiosity about the birth practices in the U.S was sparked by Rikki Lake’s film “The Business of Being Born”.  Upon further research she began to learn about the abuse of pregnant and birthing women and knew she had to do something. Sinead is a strong believer in a woman’s innate ability to give birth, and that the key ingredient for an ecstatic birth is love, support, and respect for the birthing woman’s wishes.

Every birth is unique and every woman’s needs are different.  She acknowledges that women can own their own births, and that they are the ones that know what is best for them and their baby.  She has been trained in Doula practices through the Childbirth and Post Postpartum Professional Association, and is studying midwifery.  She believes that birthing new life is a sacred right of passage for mother, father and baby, and that the importance and beauty of this process is to be protected in a sacred space of love for all who are blessed to witness this miracle.

wombartzar-lesleneAbout Anna

Anna is a trained educator and mother of three.  Her own experience of a hospitalized birth and two home-water births made her aware of the patronizing attitude of many doctors and midwives and how different the whole pregnancy and birth is when the woman can listen to her innate ability to birth naturally.  Self-determined pregnancy and birth became increasingly important to her and she believes that women need more encouragement to listen to themselves and have a midwife as a gentle supporter in this process.

Anna has insights into different parenting styles through her work experiences and as a mother and has been confronted with the social pressures on a stay-at-home mom who enjoys her children and doesn’t complain about how much work they are or how much money their upbringing costs.  She advocates a natural approach to parenting rooted in European tradition, developmental and evolutionary psychology and in finding our instincts to evaluate them properly and act accordingly.