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Top Ten Breastfeeding Myths

It’s going to hurt! False: Although it may feel uncomfortable in the beginning as you learn to get baby latched on properly, and toughen up your nipples, it should not be extremely painful to breastfeed.  If you are experiencing a lot of pain while nursing your baby, then they might not be latched on properly, […] Continue reading →

Ultrasound: The First Unnecessary & Unsafe Medical Intervention In Many Pregnancies

From Emma Lewis HEART BEATS OR HEART MESSAGES? For a full list of studies: Doppler Danger Links updated First published in The Mother magazine Issue 16 Winter 2005/2006 and subsequently also published on Joyous Birth (www.joyousbirth.info) and various birth and parenting newsletters in New Zealand, UK & Australia. Did you have a scan during your pregnancy? […] Continue reading →

European Breastfeeding Week

A Response to “Black Breastfeeding Week” Contrary to popular belief, White women experience a lack of support in their breastfeeding journeys. We are constantly told that we have “white privilege” and that every other race struggles so much harder than us. I am here to tell you that that is just not true. Many white […] Continue reading →

Sacred Womb

“The strongest ‘pound for pound’ muscle is the uterus: it weighs around 2 pounds but during childbirth can exert a downward force of 400 Newtons, which is one hundred times as strong as gravity and equivalent to the power in a fully extended modern longbow” –The Book Of General Ignorance by John Mitchinson When not […] Continue reading →

Sacred Placenta: the Tree of Life

The placenta is the first organ to develop following the fertilization of the egg.  After fertilization, the egg divides into two cells. One will be the placenta and one will be the baby.  At twelve weeks it takes over the production of hormones.  The first hormone produced is hCG (human chorionic gonadotropi), which is the […] Continue reading →