Imprisonment by Pregnancy

“The freedom in a country can be measured by the freedom of birth.”

– Agnes Gereb (Hungarian Midwife)

imagesWhen did pregnancy become a jail sentence?  When did it become a time when a woman gives up her rights to the privacy of her body at the hands of medical “professionals” that don’t even trust the natural birth process in the first place?  When did pregnancy become one of the scariest and most alone times in a woman’s life?  Pregnancy is supposed to be a time of bliss, and deep growth, but for a pregnant woman living in the world of today it is quite the opposite.  As pregnant women we are told that as soon as we find out we’re pregnant, we must sign up to either see a doctor or a midwife for “pre-natal care”, which usually consists of a once a month appointment to take weight, blood pressure, measure the belly, check the vagina, as well as a boat load of unnecessary tests, and scans (ultrasounds/doppler) which have been proven to be harmful to the developing baby, and to even cause autism. But don’t even think about any of that, just listen to the “professional”, since they will tell you that it’s safe! For more:

What happened to women doing their own pre-natal care? After all, they are essentially the only ones that can do this pre-natal care by eating well, getting adequate rest, and living as stress-free of a life as she can.  We are treating women as if they are retarded and couldn’t possibly know how to take care of themselves during a pregnancy.  How ever did humans give birth to healthy babies before the advent of modern obstetrical “care”?  Very easily actually.  Do you see any other animals on this planet that go to animal midwives or doctors, or that require extensive testing done during pregnancy?  I don’t, and they seem to get along just fine, way better than we do actually.  Why all of a sudden did women stop looking inside for guidance and started to look outside to these “professionals”?  The amount of testing that is done on pregnant women is ridiculous and barbaric.  Ever heard of amniocentesis?


Yeah, that seems really natural and I’m sure has NO negative repercussions.   Just sticking a long needle into the baby’s home, and extracting it’s sacred fluid.  No big deal!  What I’ve noticed is that the majority of these “tests” are done in order to see if anything might be wrong with the baby, so that the parent can know, and then abort if something isn’t “right”.  Let’s not even mention the number of false positives involved.  I know someone in my personal life whose mother was told her son would be born retarded and deformed and was pressured to abort her baby.  She decided against it, and her baby was born perfectly well.  This unnecessary fear is really affecting pregnant women’s lives and pregnancies in a HUGE way.  It is my opinion that modern obstetrical “care” is creating the problems to begin with!

What really concerns me is the amount of stories I’ve heard of people calling the police or child services on a woman that chooses to give birth at home unassisted, or chooses not to go in for a c-section that the doctor demands she gets.  In some cases the woman will be forcibly taken from her home, tied to a stretcher, brought to the hospital, and have her baby surgically ripped from her womb.  In some cases the woman will have her baby taken away, never to be seen again, because they have deemed her an “unfit mother”, such as in this recent story:

Sadly there are an abundance of these types of stories.  In most cases it is the woman’s own family calling the police on her for not going to the hospital when in labor.  Talk about a scary situation to be in for a vulnerable pregnant woman just wanting to preserve the integrity of her womb, and her and her baby’s lives!  There is a war on pregnant women and a war on those who want to support them in their birth choices, whether that be with a midwife she feels comfortable with or simply alone.



When a woman follows her intuition and instinct, she will know if something isn’t right with her pregnancy, and will find a way to address this, whether it be on her own or with the help of a knowledgeable birth keeper in her community.  The sad thing is that these birth keepers are not as abundant as they used to be.  Many women go into the field of midwifery because they want to be a birth keeper, or a person that walks with pregnant women through their journey. However, they are in for a rude awakening when licensing and the law gets involved.  If they want to practice legally they have to abide by the laws of that state, which are ridiculous and treat women as machines that all must progress by the standards set up by the laws of that state.  For example, in the state of Florida a midwife cannot attend the birth of a woman that is over 42 weeks pregnant, because she is considered late.  The midwife will then have to refer the woman to the hospital for a c-section! A licensed midwife in Florida also is not legally allowed to attend the birth of a breech baby (a baby that is being born foot first or butt first) even though this is perfectly normal.  Midwives used to be trained in assisting a breech birth with different positions or simply by not doing anything at all and letting the woman figure it out, but now this ancient art is not being taught anymore.  Many midwives have been imprisoned for attending the birth of a stillborn baby, but if that same still birth were to have occurred at the hands of a doctor, nothing would be done to the doctor, and it would simply have been called “an act of God”.


I see the fight against midwives akin to witch hunts.  Some midwives will practice “illegally” because they don’t want to have to answer to the law when attending a pregnant woman, and these women are hunted down like witches and thrown in jail.  How ridiculous is this?  Doctors are free to murder and mutilate mothers and babies every single day and NOTHING is done about it. Nothing! It is time for women and men of all ages to put a stop to this madness.  We are consenting to the rape and mutilation of our women and babies, and in some cases demanding it!  If we want to have a healthy society we must make pregnancy and birth a safe place for women. I believe once this happens we will see an abundance of healthy families.  This it what will change the world.

wisewomanprenatalDisclaimer: In no way am I knocking midwives. I am simply pointing out the laws that hinder midwives from truly being able to allow an undisturbed birth. 

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