Sacred Foods for Conception and Pregnancy

 “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.”


We have a lot to learn from primitive cultures about food.  Ancient cultures were incredibly in-tuned with the foods they ate and how they impacted their body.  Food was sacred to many ancient people and the way they prepared and consumed it was ritualistic in nature.  Food served to nourish the body and soul.

Sacred-Source-Nutrition-ServicesIn order to prepare a woman’s body for the miracle of growing a healthy baby, certain diets were implemented even prior to conception.  These intentionally planned diets for mothers-to-be varied a great deal due to that specific regions’ available food options.  (Click Here)  One thing that remains consistent is that many ancient stocks of people understood the importance that nutrient dense food items have on the health of mother and baby.  Proper diet greatly reduced the likelihood of issues during pregnancy, birth, and later on in life.

Pregnancy and even pre-conception is a time to consider your body a sacred vessel to a new life that will grow within.  Because much of this ancient knowledge of food is no longer passed down among generations this subject deserves a great deal of attention for new mothers.   These days we are bombarded by prepackaged processed food choices that promise to be quicker and easier but also detrimental in the long run.  (Click Here)


In my opinion nutrition does not get enough attention during the prenatal care period.  Don’t fool yourself into thinking that this is because it doesn’t matter.  I believe that this is an area that new mothers can exert complete control and responsibility.  Give yourself and your baby the gift of great nourishing foods.

Here are some simple tips to start with:

  • Avoid ALL diet drinks and foods.  Many times diet items will contain unnatural additives to enhance flavor which can wreck havoc on the body.  For example, aspartame is found in many diet sodas in place of sugar.  It has been linked to neurological disorders such as Parkinson’s.
  • Avoid coffee including decaffeinated coffee.  Many women think that since they are told to avoid caffeine that it would be okay to drink decaf coffee.  The chemical process that the coffee has to go through to make it decaffeinated may actually be worse for your system than if you were to have consumed the caffeine to begin with.
  • EAT fish.  Fish contains so many beneficial nutrients and oils, essential in brain development.  Many women have been scared into avoiding seafood because of mercury; which is a real issue.  If you do not have a source of mercury-free seafood I would recommend adding fish oil to your diet. (More Info)  I would personally recommend Green Pasture’s Butter Oil and Fermented Cod Liver Oil in addition to your prenatal vitamin.
  • For a wealth of information on cooking nutrient dense meals I highly recommend women to look into the following resources prior to conception and through pregnancy and lactation:

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