My Top Four Essential Oils for Pregnancy and Beyond

I personally have found essential oils to be very powerful tool to use throughout my pregnancy and plan to use them during labor and beyond. Here is a list of my favorites and why I love them!


Peppermint Oil: Can be used to ease nausea.  Take a few drops and rub it on your abdomen, and wrists, or simply inhale to soothe an upset tummy. I also like to use a dab on the back of my neck or behind my ears to boost energy levels.  I find this a lovely way to wake myself up when really sleepy. Add a few drops to a bath to help relax sore or stiff muscles.  It’s also fun to use a few drops in the tub during a steamy shower.  The inhalation of peppermint and steam will enhance clarity and relaxation.  


Lavender Oil:  Rub on the bottoms of feet before bed or put in a diffuser to aid with relaxation and sleep.  Combine with frankincense or peppermint oil to treat headaches by rubbing a drop of each on temples the or across the forehead. Lavender oil can also be used in baking and some women have stated that doing so helped their nausea.  Mix a few drops of lavender oil with a few drops of frankincense and add to coconut oil to rub on sore nipples.

lemonLemon Oil: When I’m pregnant my sense of smell is heightened and everything seems to smell funny.  Sometimes I will take ten drops of lavender along with ten drops of lemon oil added to a spray bottle of water and use as a room spray, which helps me feel less queasy around weird smells.


Frankincense: 10 drops of frankincense along with 10 drops of lavender into a bowl of alcohol free witch hazel is a great solution to soak and then freeze cotton pads in and use for soothing of inflammation or discomfort after birth. Frankincense is anti inflammatory and anti arthritic..  It can be used for aches and pains throughout pregnancy by applying a few drops to sore hips or joints.  It can be applied to the feet to stimulate the immune when system when feeling a cold come on.



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