European Breastfeeding Week

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A Response to “Black Breastfeeding Week”

Contrary to popular belief, White women experience a lack of support in their breastfeeding journeys. We are constantly told that we have “white privilege” and that every other race struggles so much harder than us. I am here to tell you that that is just not true. Many white women all around the world are struggling to find food to eat, to have a roof over their heads, and with the lack of income flowing in, they are met with great adversity in attempting to achieve their breastfeeding goals.

In the United States we are given 6 weeks unpaid maternity leave, but that is only if you have been at a job in an established position for a number of months. Most young women having babies are not able to find these kinds of jobs. Most women my age with college degrees, skill sets, and great intelligence are forced to work in low paying positions such as bar tending, waiting, tables, cleaning, or nannying and many are forced into “sex” work. Almost all of these women will have to leave their newborn baby to go back to work. Many women in these types of jobs will get no maternity leave, and will be facing possible homelessness and eviction once their baby is born. Not a great way to start off on their parenting and breastfeeding journey.


Even though the law states that their employers must provide a place for women to express their milk, this doesn’t always happen, and in many cases such as restaurant jobs, the woman simply cannot take a break during her entire shift. This can lead to a decrease in milk supply, which leads to supplementation with formula or other milks, and an eventual end to the breastfeeding relationship.

Only celebrating Black Breastfeeding Week is perpetuating the myth that White women and women from other races other than the Black race, do not struggle to make ends meet, or put food on the table, or feed their babies. Sacred Maternity supports mothers of all races, and thinks Black Breastfeeding Week is a good idea, but are simply trying to create something analogous for our European sisters that are struggling, and to let them know that we are here to support them, and we understand. Some people may see “European Breastfeeding Week” as something hateful, but it is quite the opposite. We support all women in their breastfeeding journeys and encourage all women to start their own Breastfeeding Week that is tailored to their cultural heritage. Our cultures are our roots and we are connected to our ancestors deeply. It is important that we encourage the preservation of each individual race and culture, because that is true diversity.

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  1. Thank you for writing this, it really hit home 🙂

  2. Great article, thank you for that!

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